Cape May Bamboo

We are Northeast, Midatlantic, Near-Midwest Regions' largest Grower-Wholesaler of mature robust bamboo 5-50' tall, field-dug per your specifications.  >> Celebrating our new Kentucky Distribution Hub --We now serve 20 States !

We specialize in three primary varieties: **

1. Yellow Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys aureosulcata), running, grows to 35'+ tall, full sun to part shade, cold hardy to -10*F, minimum order 100 canes.

2. Japanese Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica), slow runner, grows to 18' tall, part shade to full sun, cold hardy to 0*F, minimum order 40 rootaballs.

3. Fishing Pole (aka Golden) Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) running, grows to 25' tall, full sun to part shade, cold hardy to 0*F, minimum order 100 canes.

** WE ALSO CARRY NUDA BAMBOO (Phyllostachys Nuda), MOSO TIMBER (Phyllostachys Moso)

Field-dug to your specifications, you can mix and match sizes (minimum quantities apply)

You can pick up at one of our groves, or email us your zip code for a delivery price quote:

Call us at:  856-204-2037

See more photos and details on our website at:

Bamboo Benefits:

* Fastest Growth Sustainable Evergreen: Most Efficient Carbon Sequestrator: cleans the air twice as much as deciduous trees.

* INSTANT:  Privacy Hedge, Windbreaker, Living Fence, Sound Attenuation, Zen Garden, Shade, Ornamental, Feng Shui, Hillside Erosion Control.

* Freeze Proof, Deer Resistant, Bug Resistant, Draught Resistant

Phone: 856-204-2037

3266 Route 47
Millville, NJ 08332

Certification: New Jersey Department Agriculture
Hours: By Appointment Only
Accepted Payment Types: Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Check, PayPal

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3266 Route 47
Millville, NJ 08332