Foxborough Nursery

Our plant collection began when we acquired the last plants propagated by Henry J. Hohman of Kingsville Nursery.  Kingsville Nursery was world famous for growing unusual conifers, broadleaf and deciduous plants.  Foxborough Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale nursery.  Since 1978, we have experienced steady growth in our company.  Foxborough is well known in the horticultural industry for specializing in rare and unusual plant material.  With an emphasis on quality we also produce a wide variety of trade-standard trees, shrubs and conifers.  

At present we carry an inventory comprised of over 900 cultivars utilizing over 200 irrigated acres of our 400-acre agricultural operation.  The acreage is comprised of four farms, all contiguous.  Most of the plant material begins as a rooted cutting or fresh graft produced in Foxborough Nursery’s own propagation and container area, comprised of three acres.

Phone: 410-836-7023
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3611 Miller Road
Street, MD 21154

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3611 Miller Road
Street, MD 21154