Tree Stake Solutions LLC.

The ROOT ANCHOR™ Underground Tree Staking System installs in seconds to create a professional sub-surface tree support secured deep into the soil. It’s patented design prevents tree trunk damage and reduces future maintenance costs and liability. Make your landscapes beautiful and safe on Day One!

The ROOT ANCHOR™ is quickly and easily installed by centering the ring over the surface of the root ball then driving the three included anchors outside the root ball into the undisturbed soil below the rootball. The resulting underground cage is now pinning and caging the rootball in place, allowing the young roots to develop in a stable environment while holding the transplanted tree upright. 

The ROOT ANCHOR™ becomes one with the root ball allowing movement and enhancing a healthy root system. Unlike other systems that can destroy the integrity of the root ball. The Root Anchor does not penetrate the root ball.

The ROOT ANCHOR™ eliminates obstacles that slow down maintenance crews as there is nothing to mow or string trim around. It makes your newly planted landscape trees, people safe, maintenance friendly and aesthetically pleasing. See The Trees Not The Stakes

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9973 FM 521 Rd
Rosharon, TX 77583

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9819 CR 3613
Murchison, Texas 75778

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9973 FM 521 Rd
Rosharon, TX 77583