Pine Island Nursery

Pine Island Nursery's business started as a wholesale supplier of rare palms, fine indoor foliage and fruit trees. Today the product line is exclusively tropical fruit, nut, and spice trees. The nursery serves commercial fruit growers, landscapers, garden centers and the public directly. Our primary market is Florida, but we hold the necessary certifications to ship plants to all 50 states and Canada. We also remain an active exporter to the Carribean, Latin America, and other countries around the world where it is possible, safe and practical to send live trees. Our mission is to provide growers with the highest quality, commerically viable fruit trees in the world, while offering landscapers and homeowners the finest selections of rare and unusual fruit trees suitable to more suburban environments. We also aim to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace to our employees, and to ensure that our clients have a pleasurable experience while remaining environmentally responsible through sustainable farming practices.


To all of you, from all of us at Pine Island Nursery: Thank you and happy planting!

Phone: 305-233-5501
Fax: 305-233-5610

16300 SW 184 St.
Miami, FL 33187

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16300 SW 184 St.
Miami, FL 33187