Archer Farms

Archer Farms, Inc. of La Mesa, New Mexico - Grower and wholesale to the trade of the Archer Eldarica Pine and Pecan Trees.
PINUS ELDARICA, Afghan-Eldarica Pine (Some still call the pine "Mondel Pine"), The Archer Eldarica is a unique premium grade pine developed over the last 40 years or so. Much fuller and more branching per whirl than other Eldarica Pines. We grow container pines from 3'-14' and supply the Nursery Garden Center trade as well as Landscape Contractors throughout the Southwest. During November and December we ship many thousands of Christmas Grade pines for sale as Living Christmas Trees. In addition to Eldarica Pines, we also grow five varieties of Pecans in #10 container.

Phone: 806-407-3007
Fax: 800-882-5035

1520 Archer Farms Rd.
La Mesa, NM 88044

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1520 Archer Farms Rd.
La Mesa, NM 88044