Natives of Corkscrew Nursery

Natives of Corkscrew Nursery is a Southwest Florida native plant growing nursery.  NOC specializes in aquatic, wetland, lake, upland and transitional plants that are common to the natural areas of SW Florida.  We are local natives (people) that grew up is SWFL and want to preserve the woods we love.  We are providing native plants to restore and enhance the land that has been impacted by the infestation of exotics and nuisance vegetation.  We care about water, soil, and the environment and want to continue to see communities, homeowners, common areas, and roadways; transition to more native natural landscapes.  Native landscapes offer less maintenance (mowing), less fertilizers, less water... Very few times in our society does less equal more, but in native landscapes they can equal beauty, butterflies, and more nature.  We are growing plants from seeds, cuttings, grafting, and division. We offer bareroot aquatic plant (swamp lily, arrowhead, spikerush, pickerelweed and more), 1-3-7gl canopy trees (cypress, slash pine, live oak, red maple, dahoon holly and more), mid canopy shrubs (necklace pod, firebush, wild coffee, simpson stopper, beautyberry and more), grasses (fakahatchee, lovegrass, cordgrass, muhly grass and more), and beautiful wildflowers (tropical sage, black eyed susan, blanketflower, railroad vine, passion vine and more).

We also offer red and black mangroves in various sizes.  We do have a few large 25gl slash pines available. 

Support small local businesses.  Tours are welcome and encouraged but need to occur by appointment only.   


FNGLA and FANN member. 

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13321 Peace Rd.
Fort Myers, FL 33905

Certification: FDACS Nursery No. 48016688
Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 8am-4pm, Sat 9am-2pm
Accepted Payment Types: Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, Check, PayPal

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Bob Cat Services Auger, stump grinding, tree relocation, and exotic removal CALL
Consulting Arborist Tree Pruning, Professional Mangrove Trimmer, Tree Relocation CALL
Mulch & Pine Straw Installation CALL
Professional Mangrove Trimmer We have two State FDEP mangrove trimmers on staff CALL
Tree Services - Preservation FDEP Professional Mangrove Trimmer No. 2254 $105 /hr
Tree Services - Relocation CALL
Tree Services - Remediation CALL
Trucking riprap anysize, topsoil, debris removal CALL
13321 Peace Rd.
Fort Myers, FL 33905