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As one of the largest retail nurseries in Durham, North Carolina; Kiefer Nursery has a wide selection of high-quality, unique plants to fit your landscaping needs. We are now re-entering the wholesale market to supply premium landscape-ready plants to other nurseries and green industry professionals. Our plants have been tried-and-tested in the Triangle area of North Carolina for the last 36 years. Our goal is to offer a diverse palette of plants that may not be available through other outlets. We also offer smaller crop sizes than other wholesale nurseries.

To place an order or get more information, please visit our website at or call us at (919) 596-7313. At this time we are not shipping any of our plants. If you are unable to pick up at our location or find 3rd party shipping please let us know and we will try to assist you with this process.


Helpful Information:

  • Our "Field Grown" trees are grown above-ground using an expandable air pot system over a plastic ground-covering in a compost/bark mix. This results in a field-grown tree without the shock of digging and at a fraction of the weight. This also creates trees that are available any day of the year.
  • Our "Fantumm" Bag trees are grown in a wire basket and grow bag hybrid. This results in easier handling and planting versus large pots or B+B material. Some of these plants were originally field-grown while others were transferred from a normal container to the bags.


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2450 S Alston Ave.
Durham, NC 27713

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Accepted Payment Types: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check

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2450 S Alston Ave.
Durham, NC 27713