Legendary Trees

The two founders of Legendary Trees started with a simple plan: Let’s grow trees that can tell a story and remind people of the foundations and principles that have for centuries shaped history. Many of our source trees are over 300 years old and have hosted meetings where decisions were made that determined the path for our cities, states and country.

We gather our acorns by hand from trees that have been identified as historically significant. The acorns are planted, germinated and then nurtured in the Legendary Tree Nursery in east Texas. Our founders have partnered together in ranching, farming and wildlife conservation operations for over 40 years, and share a passion for our families, our environment and our country.

All of the blood, sweat and tears that make it happen every day come from the founders and their immediate family members. We hope this hands-on approach will result in a tree that will bring a lifetime of growth – for you, your family and your Legendary Tree.


Historical Live Oaks

Live Oaks - 3 gallons

Shemard Oaks - 1 gallon

E-mail: ccade@legendarytrees.com
Website: www.legendarytrees.com
Phone: 800-464-6690
Phone 2: 214-364-7318
Fax: 972-472-3629

1608 Rogers Road
Fort Worth, TX 75853

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1608 Rogers Road
Fort Worth, TX 75853