Southern Pride Tree Farm, Inc.

Since 1990, Southern Pride Tree Farm has specialized in growing the strongest, most beautiful, character live oak trees in the industry. Our customers know we are one of only a few growers who meet the highest quality live oak tree standards by correctly strength pruning branches and developing deep healthy root systems in our trees. Southern Pride Tree Farm supplies our customers with the healthiest, highest-quality, most beautiful hand cared for live oak trees direct from the grower.

Since 1990 the live oaks for sale from Southern Pride Tree Farm have been planted in quality landscaping projects at private homes, communities, golf courses, industrial and commercial developments, city beautification projects and more. Our customers are landscape design professionals, builders, contractors, city and county municipalitles, homeowners, landscapers, tree installation companies and others. Live Oaks are considered the perfect landscape tree, the perfect shade tree, as well as the most beautiful natural privacy tree. Live oaks are grown in Florida and are for sale to customers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and Coastal North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia landscape projects.

Phone: 386-935-3636

6410 NW 42ND CT
Bell, FL 32619

Certification: FL, AL, GA, SC, NC, LA, MS, TX, VA
Hours: M-F 8am - 5pm
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6410 NW 42ND CT
Bell, FL 32619