Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE)

1/25/2011 -

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

With our tens of thousands of wholesale plant listings we were really geared up for this show. Interiorscape contractors and garden centers from Canada and all over the world found plantANT as a great resource to source interior foliage, tropical plants and palms from South Florida nurseries. Many buyers signed up on the spot saying "It's about time!".

Mobile Website


Now you can take PlantANT's powerful search engine with you on the go! Simply visit from your phone to access our mobile site. The mobile version allows you to find plants using all the filters that are available on our website, including searches within a distance, by name, container size, spec, and feature. Plus, when a supplier updates their listings on, they will show on our mobile website instantly!

The Landscape Show

10/5/2010 -

Orlando, Florida

Armed with dramatically more listings than in previous shows, The Landscape Show in Orlando was a great opportunity for users to use our powerful search engine to find plants. One user at the show had been trying to locate a rare croton for months without success. After giving up with other plant sourcing methods, she passed by our booth, where a quick search led her to a vendor that happened to be at the show. Maybe you can find that sneaky plant too!



For suppliers we have added a Statistics page where you can see traffic as it relates to your listings. Not only can you view graphs visualizing the number of times your listings were displayed and clicked, but you can also see a list of the your popular plants based on views and clicks. This information could be valuable for your sales and marketing strategies. If there is anything you feel is useful that is not being shown there, please let us know. To access the Statistics page, click on "My Account" and then choose "Usage Statistics".

Nursery/Landscape Expo

8/30/2010 -

San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Nursery/Landscape Expo allowed us to meet landscape contractors, architects and designers, retail nurseries & garden centers from a new area and spread the word! This show allowed us to steadily grow into Texas, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia. For the most part, these suppliers were dealing in trees and shrubs local to those states.

Server Upgrade


Phase II of our marketing campaign has officially started. We now have well over 20,000 plant listings and have begun promoting our site to the end users. About two weeks ago we mailed over 11,000 flyers to landscapers, nurseries, garden centers, arborists, horticulturists, designers and landscape architects in Florida. The mailing has been a resounding success with hundreds of new users and a massive increase in people trying to find plants. Due to the increase in traffic, we have upgraded our servers which has significantly increased performance on the site.

Find Wholesale Plants

Plant Pictures


PlantANT has added the ability to view pictures of the material you're searching for. Simply click on the green camera to the right of the listing to see a picture of the plant uploaded directly from the nursery/grower. Already several companies have begun uploading images of their palms, trees, and plants.

Grower / Nursery Availability Plugin


Vendors, due to numerous requests we've received from plant and tree growers, we added the ability to display your PlantANT inventory on your own website. This useful feature saves you time because you only need to manage your inventory on PlantANT and it will always be up to date on your own website. The list could be customized by size, color and whether or not to display prices. All you have to do is copy the code generated by the feature and paste it into your website. You can access this option by clicking on "My Account" and then choosing "Availability Plugin". If you would like to take advantage of this but are unsure how to insert it into your site, you can speak to your web designer or use the contact form for technical assistance.

Allied Supplies


We've expanded to include landscape allied supplies. To search for allied supplies such as sod, boulders, compost, mulch, planters, chips, cap rocks, etc just click on Locate Supplies from the top menu and begin searching! You can filter to find local suppliers only, by color (aqua, black, brown, blue, etc.), and by size.

Tampa Bay Wholesale Growers Spring Expo

3/5/2010 -

Tampa, Florida

Tampa was a great opportunity to expand to south west Florida. At this show we picked up nurseries that grow topiaries, bougainvillas, special hybrids, and other hard to find plants. Again, most nurseries were excited about our new plant finding product and were eager to list their plants on our site.

Printable Availability Lists


We've added the ability for suppliers to print automatically generated availability lists on To print your list, just login using your supplier account and click on Manage Listings > Availability Lists. The current report displays your nursery/company name, address, contact info, botanical/common plant name, pot size, description, price and more. In the future we will add additional plant lists and availability list templates to choose from.

The Jacksonville Landscape Show

2/15/2010 -

Jacksonville, Florida

We had another great response where almost every grower signed up to list on plantANT. Jacksonville was a great opportunity to increase our presence in the North Florida region to users and suppliers. Most growers were of landscape trees and shrubs along with other native plants. We will be at Jacksonville again next year to reach out to other nurseries from Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and other local areas.

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE)

1/26/2010 -

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The end of the 2010 TPIE marks plantANT's official launch. During the show we raffled a netbook computer to anyone who signed up during the show and received an great response with over 100 signups of tropical plant nurseries, tree growers, landscapers, landscape architects and other Florida nurseries/growers. Congratulation to Tom Horowitz from Plantscape in PA on winning the Netbook!