"Pay for Traffic" Billing Schedule

Nurseries and suppliers who list on PlantANT will be billed based on the traffic that their listings generate. With this method, you will only pay for actual leads and exposure allowing nurseries and suppliers of any size to participate. This also encourages you as a supplier to keep your listings fresh, so you don't pay for traffic of plants that you no longer carry. In the end, this benefits the end user who will have an up-to-date method of finding plants and supplies.

Billing is based on:

Clicks* (Times your plants have been clicked in a search)

Impressions* (Times your plants have been displayed in a search)

Clicks Impressions
$1.00 each $0.01 each
Click Examples: 15 clicks = $15

When a user clicks on a listing, they have already seen the full item description, price, nursery name, and location. A user clicks on a listing when they are ready to contact you.

Impression Examples: 750 impressions = $7.50

There is a $10 monthly minimum. If your traffic does not add up to over $10, you will be billed a flat $10 for that month. The minimum has no effect on months that your traffic totals over $10.

*Clicks and impressions are counted only once every 8 hours for each user. This means that if the same user clicks on the same listing several times within 8 hours, you will only be charged for one click.

*You will not be charged for clicks or impressions when you are logged in using your supplier account and view or click on your own plants.

What To Expect

On average, you can expect to pay less than $35/month per 100 listings per month.

Of course, several factors will play a role in your traffic and your bill. For example, the type and demand of your material (more popular plants will drive more traffic), the detail that you put into your listings (pictures, height, caliper, spread) and your location. After you begin listing with us, you can use our Usage Statistics page to see your traffic throughout the month. You will be able to see what plants are getting viewed and clicked on and make changes to your listings based on the information you get.

Additional PlantANT Features

PlantANT has additional features which are included with your account no matter what your traffic adds up to such as:

Website Widget: Allows you to display your current PlantANT listings on your own website. It also allows your users to search your listings from your website. More Information

Printable Availability Lists: Download an availability list of your current PlantANT listings for print or email.

PlantAPP for Android and iPhone/iPad: App which allows you to easily take pictures and upload them to your PlantANT account for thousands of users to see.

Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have using our Contact Form.