Wholesale Nurseries

Are you a wholesale grower?

PlantANT is the most advanced plant and nursery directory available for the wholesale landscape trade. Currently with listings (Yup, that's the actual number as of right now!) and counting, it's also the largest database of wholesale plants and trees in the world. PlantANT is free to use for landscape architects, contractors, brokers, and anyone else in the industry.

Sign up your wholesale nursery today and only pay for the traffic your listings get. See our Billing Schedule to learn how PlantANT unique billing system allows nurseries of all sizes to join and get the lowest cost per lead of any advertising method out there! You can add and manage listings yourself or you can send us your list and we'll enter it in for you free of charge. There is no limit on the number of listings you can display and PlantANT includes many other features such as our availability website widget, availability list generator, ability to upload images, and view the traffic your plants are getting on the site.

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